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Dentist in Dublin: Root Canal Therapy Saves Teeth

October 25, 2016

Decay, abscess or oral injury often necessitate root canal therapy from dentists in Dublin, Drs. Buck and Burton. Root canals preserve teeth for years.Saving a damaged tooth is preferable to pulling it. There’s nothing  like a real tooth. Root canal therapy in Dublin from dentists, Dr. Eric Buck and Dr. Hannah Burton, preserve a tooth for several years and keeps smiles youthful looking and bright.

Why Root Canal Therapy in Dublin?

Root canal therapy, or endodontics, removes infected soft pulp from the interior of a damaged tooth. A tooth has up to four inner chambers, or root canals, which extend from the center down into the roots. The canals contain blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves. When dental decay and infection invade the canals, throbbing pain, bad breath, foul-tasting drainage, swelling and other symptoms result. People with abscessed teeth generally feel tired and sick, too.

At Distinctive Smiles of Dublin, the dentists perform precise root canal therapy. Contrary to its underserved reputation, root canal therapy is comfortable and usually takes only two dental visits. Typically, nothing more than local anesthesia is necessary to make the patient comfortable during the one-hour procedure.

The purpose of endodontics is to strengthen the ailing or fractured tooth and to remove the tissue at its interior. The blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue inside a tooth serve an important function while the patient is young. However, the adult tooth can function very well without pulp for years. That’s the beauty of root canal therapy.

The Treatment Process

The dentist uses digital X-rays to visualize the area, make an accurate diagnosis and plan treatment. The doctor also inspects the tooth and surrounding soft tissues and takes a complete medical and medication history.

To start the process, the dentist places a thin, protective dam around the tooth. He or she uses local anesthetic to numb the site. When the individual is comfortable, the dentist drills a very small hole into the tooth, accessing the root canal.

The dentist uses a series of tiny files to clean and smooth the canal. He or she instills antibiotics to heal or prevent infection, and then fills the space with a rubbery sealant called gutta-percha. As needed, the doctor repeats the procedure on the other canals.

Dr. Burton or Dr. Buck places a temporary filling or cap over the tooth. After a week to ten days.  the patient returns to Distinctive Smiles of Dublin for removal of the temporary restoration and placement of a natural-looking porcelain crown to protect the tooth.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

A post-extraction smile gap weakens adjacent teeth, allowing them to drift to fill the empty space. Also, the jawbone underneath the gap recedes. In short, endodontics saves teeth, bone density, oral function and smile aesthetics. It’s a win-win situation.

If you are concerned about a tooth, don’t hesitate. Contact Distinctive Smiles of Dublin for an evaluation. Your highly skilled dentist will help you decide what treatment is best for your oral health and for your appearance.

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