Is Coffee OK with Invisalign?

April 13, 2022

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When you start an Invisalign treatment, you might fear you’ll have to sacrifice coffee. Even if you usually rely on the drink to get through the workday, you wouldn’t want it to interfere with getting nicer, straighter teeth. You’d naturally want a direct answer to your problem: Is coffee all right to have with Invisalign?

Well, yes and no. To learn the exact details, here’s a summary of coffee drinking with Invisalign from your local Dublin dentist.

Don’t Drink Coffee While Wearing Your Trays!

As a rule, you really ought to avoid coffee if your Invisalign trays are in your mouth. Instead, drink tap water or purified, bottled water. As for why aligner trays and coffee shouldn’t mix, there are several reasons, including:

  • Stains and Discoloration: Beverages besides water could stain your trays, discoloring them and making them visible on your teeth. If the coffee gets trapped between the trays and your teeth, you could also damage your smile.
  • Increased Risk of Decay: Coffee is an acidic drink, and many people drink it with cream and sugar. Consequently, drinking coffee while wearing Invisalign trays can raise your risk of tooth decay, as acidic and sugary liquid could get inside the aligners.
  • Risk of Warping Trays:  Invisalign trays, made of heat-sensitive “thermoplastics,” could warp if you drink hot coffee, leading to issues with your treatment.

For these reasons, you shouldn’t drink coffee while wearing Invisalign. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your morning cup.

Tips for Coffee Lovers Using Invisalign

If you love your java, rest assured that you can still drink coffee with Invisalign. Still, you’ll have to make some minor adjustments to the process.

First, take out and stow your trays before having your coffee. Furthermore, reduce the amount of cream and sugar you add to avoid future cavities and bacterial growth.

Another tip is to finish your coffee within 15-30 minutes, thus shortening the time your teeth connect with the beverage. Also, when you finish, try to brush or rinse your teeth before re-inserting the aligners.

Yes, aligner trays require that you be cautious about coffee drinking. However, you can have your morning cup and straightened teeth too by taking the necessary steps!

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