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Restorative Dentistry for Dublin, OH & Beyond

restorative dentist dublin, oh Our commitment to treating families extends beyond basic checkups and cleanings to cover restorative dentistry as well. After all, everyone needs a little advanced help every now and then, even if it’s just for a small cavity. At Distinctive Smiles of Dublin, we promise to provide personalized service to help you enjoy optimal oral health and wellbeing. With the care you receive from our office, you can look forward to enjoying not only better oral health but also better overall health.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

If disease, injury, or decay has damaged your smile, we understand that you might be reluctant to seek professional help. Some patients feel embarrassed to reveal the extent of their dental problems to someone, especially a dentist, when they spend the majority of their time trying not to let anyone see their mouth. But at Distinctive Smiles of Dublin, we encourage you in this first step toward reclaiming your dental health. We’re here to help restore your confidence, oral function, and youthful appearance.

Evaluating Your Smile

Smile rehabilitation is a comprehensive process and involves more than just a few isolated or patchwork treatments. First, Dr. Buck will thoroughly evaluate your mouth, including your teeth, gums, oral tissues, and bite. We'll use diagnostic tools like digital X-rays, intra and extra-oral images, and plaster models of your teeth to properly outline your dental issues and form a full-mouth rehabilitation plan.

Discussing Your Preferences & Concerns

Dr. Buck and our team will also take the time to discuss your preferences and your concerns. We want to know what you want from your dental experience, as well as if you're currently in pain or if dental work makes you nervous. You will never feel rushed or pressured in these conversations. Then we will outline our recommendations and explain any treatments that we have suggested, as well as talk with you about the time and financial commitment you can expect. With creative scheduling and financing, as well as anesthesia and sedation options, you can enjoy the exceptional smile you deserve.

Customized Treatment Plans

What will your treatment plan include? Since we customize personal treatment plans for each patient, we won't be able to say for sure until we meet with you. But we may recommend a combination of the following as part of your full-mouth rehabilitation process:

Our ultimate goal is to partner with you in creating the smile you want, then help you maintain it for life. Making patients look and feel great is very rewarding, and we look forward to making a difference in your smile and in your life.

Removable Prosthetics

If you need to replace multiple missing teeth, or even a full row of teeth, let our Dublin dental team talk to you about receiving treatment with a removable prosthetic. Using a custom-made partial denture, we can help you complete your smile with a prosthetic that fits around the gaps in your smile like a puzzle piece. We can also create a full denture for anyone who needs to replace all of their upper or lower teeth. In both cases, you’ll have a prosthetic that looks natural and improves your smile’s functionality but is also easy to remove

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