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How to Determine When It’s Time for a Dental Filling?

May 25, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Buck @ 10:14 am
dental filling from dentist in Dublin

One of the more common treatments in dentistry is the dental filling. It’s used to restore a tooth when a cavity develops. However, receiving the care you need depends on being able to recognize the warning signs early. Otherwise, you could be left with a more complex problem that requires a root canal. As you continue reading, a dentist in Dublin explains how to tell when it’s time to visit a dentist for a dental filling.


Can Chronic Stress Have an Impact on Your Oral Health?

May 14, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Buck @ 9:59 am

woman stressed talking to dentist in Dublin

Do you find yourself spending more time under stress than relaxed? If so, it could be taking a toll on your oral health. That’s because the human body tends to subconsciously react to stress in ways that could be detrimental to your teeth and gums. As you continue reading, a dentist in Dublin explains what could arise from not having adequate coping mechanisms and the value of seeking dental care.


If You’re Not Flossing Every Day, Here’s Why You Should!

May 3, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Buck @ 9:46 am
woman teeth flossed by dentist in Dublin

Like most people, you’re sure to brush your teeth every day. When it comes to flossing, though, you often fall short of the mark. Don’t feel bad; you’re not alone in this department, as a 2016 article in U.S. News reported that only 30% of the American population floss on a daily basis. As you continue reading, a dentist in Dublin explains the preventive benefits of flossing and why now is the time to incorporate it into your daily routine!


Want Whiter Teeth? Here are 5 Tips That Actually Work!

April 20, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Buck @ 10:26 pm
woman smiling from teeth whitening in Dublin

Like most people, you desire to have a set of gleaming white teeth. That’s because you’re well aware that the first trait a person will notice is the condition of your smile. Therefore, you’re looking for solutions that actually work. Continue reading to get 5 helpful smile tips, and discover what teeth whitening in Dublin can do to revamp your appearance!


9 Ways to Successfully Overcome Your Dental Anxiety!

April 15, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Buck @ 9:47 pm
woman relaxed at dentist in Dublin

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you’re not alone, as over 60% of the population deal with the same problem. The good news is there is help available so you can receive the vital dental care you need. While sedation is one of the more well-known methods of addressing the issue, there are additional strategies worth considering. As you continue reading, a dentist in Dublin lists 9 effective ways to receive dental care in comfort.


6 Must-Know Tips for Avoiding a Dental Emergency

March 18, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Buck @ 1:31 pm
woman visiting emergency dentist in Dublin

It is always better to avoid a dental emergency than to seek treatment after one has flared up. Taking the right steps will greatly decrease the chances of experiencing severe tooth pain or any of the other mishaps that can arise. To help you out, an emergency dentist in Dublin lists 6 key tips for avoiding dental emergencies.


5 Facts About Dental Implants You May Not Have Known

March 13, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Buck @ 1:47 pm
man happy with dental implants in Dublin

Over the past 40 years, the dental implant process has developed by leaps and bounds. As a result, it has gained quite a bit in popularity. Still, there are key details about the procedure that remain a mystery to many. This has, unfortunately, led to some myths about dental implants in Dublin. As you continue reading, a local dentist shares 5 important facts about implants to help dispel any falsehoods.


The Freedoms You Can Enjoy with Invisalign Treatment

March 10, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Buck @ 1:17 pm
woman inserting Invisalign in Dublin

Living with crooked, gapped, crowded or misaligned teeth leaves you hesitant to smile for photos and more guarded when speaking in public. In past decades, metal braces were the only way to straighten teeth. While it’s still a formidable treatment method, wearing braces poses its fair share of challenges. Thankfully, there’s a new way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted: Invisalign in Dublin. Continue reading to learn about the freedoms you can enjoy by taking this route!


5 Dental Trends You Can Expect to Emerge in the Next Decade

February 26, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Buck @ 10:44 pm
woman talking to dentist in Dublin

Living in the Information Era, technological advancement has become an expected norm. This phenomenon applies to the dental world, as new innovations continue to forward its evolution. That means you can expect to see an expansion in the services offered over the next 10 years. As you continue reading, a dentist in Dublin lists the top 5 changes you should be on the lookout for.


A Healthy Smile Means a Healthy Heart

February 22, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Buck @ 7:34 pm
Heart illustration

When you think of February, the thing you probably think about most is Valentine’s Day. However, there is another reason why you should be thinking of your heart. This months is national Heart Health Month. This is the perfect time to learn more about your body so you can stay healthy. One step that you should be taking to keep your cardiovascular health in good shape is by maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine. A dentist in Dublin warns that the two have more in common than you may think. Continue reading to learn more about the relationship between the health of your smile and heart.

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