3 Fun Products to Get Your Child for Children’s Dental Health Month

February 15, 2023

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a girl and her mother brushing their teeth

Now that it’s National Children’s Dental Health Month, it’s a good idea to consider your little one’s smile. Since their teeth, gums, and oral hygiene habits are still growing, you’ll want to help set them up for success down the road. One of the best ways to encourage them to care for their pearly whites is by providing them with the reliable and exciting tools they need to make teeth cleaning a pleasant experience. Keep reading to learn about a few products that’ll make brushing and flossing something your child can look forward to!


How Does a Healthy Heart Start with Your Smile?

February 14, 2023

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a woman showing off her bright smile in Dublin

Other than Valentine’s Day, February is known for being American Heart Health Month. You might try boosting your cardiovascular well-being by going to the gym more frequently or eating a vitamin-rich diet. Did you know taking care of your smile is also crucial for maintaining a healthy heart? According to recent studies, those with neglected teeth and gums are more likely to experience more serious systemic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease. Keep reading to learn about the connection between your heart and oral health, and how you can preserve both.


What Is the Connection Between Sleep Apnea & TMJ?

February 8, 2023

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a man snoring with sleep apnea in Dublin

Have you been struggling to get a sufficient amount of rest due to sleep apnea? Do you also suffer from jaw pain or discomfort due to TMJ? While these two problems may be distinct, it may surprise you to discover that they’re closely connected. Fortunately, both of them can be addressed with the same solution: oral appliance therapy. Keep reading to learn about the link between sleep apnea and TMJ, and how your dentist can help you.


New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Include Gym Time

January 24, 2023

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small carved wood that spells 2023

Now that the new year is in full swing, you might be thinking of ways to improve your lifestyle. Many people consider changing their diet, traveling more often, or heading to the gym. However, you should also consider prioritizing your oral health. Read on to learn several New Year’s resolutions you could implement to help encourage a healthier smile for the future.


3 Reasons to Schedule Your Dental Checkup Early in the Year

January 17, 2023

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a patient undergoing a dental checkup in Dublin

The new year is always a time for people to start planning on how to improve their overall lifestyle. Whether you’re considering traveling more or eating a healthier diet, you might want to also consider boosting your oral health. The last thing you’d want is an unexpected problem with your smile down the road. Read on to learn three reasons you should schedule your next dental checkup at the beginning of the year.  


5 Smile Makeover Questions to Ask During Your Consultation

January 9, 2023

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a woman undergoing a smile makeover in Dublin

Nearly everyone wishes they could have a perfect smile. Fortunately, you may be able to achieve your desired look by undergoing a smile makeover. This process involves cosmetic and restorative treatments to improve your pearly whites exactly how you’ve always wanted them. While you can be sure to enjoy many benefits from this option, it’s best to be well informed before undergoing any procedures. Here are five important questions you should ask your dentist about your smile makeover during your initial consultation.


How the Holidays Can Negatively Impact Your Smile

December 20, 2022

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a woman smiling brightly during the holidays

The holiday season is a special time of the year! While it’s a wonderful time to enjoy all the delicious meals and travel to visit your loved ones, it can be easy to get off track in caring for your oral health. When it’s time to visit your dentist at the start of the new year, you may discover you have a new cavity or an increase in gum inflammation. Here’s why the festivities can affect your teeth and what you can do to keep your smile bright and healthy for 2023.


5 Tips for Traveling with a Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance

December 15, 2022

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Two suitcases and a hat at an airport

When you’re planning a trip, you should always remember to pack your oral appliance so that you can keep your sleep apnea under control. Of course, the unexpected can always happen; it’s important to plan ahead so that you can avoid problems with your oral appliance while you’re away from home. Below are 5 important tips for traveling with an oral appliance for sleep apnea.  


3 Things to Avoid While Getting Invisalign Treatment

December 5, 2022

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a woman receiving Invisalign treatment at her dentist

Invisalign treatment changed the game for those who have always wanted straighter teeth but don’t want to wear traditional metal braces. The clear, removable aligners make the journey toward your dream smile discreet, comfortable, and flexible. You can still eat your favorite foods and keeping your teeth clean is so easy! Yet, it does require that you stick to your treatment plan so your pearly whites can move into their desired position. Here are three things to avoid with Invisalign to be sure to stay on track with your treatment.


Why Do Dental Implants Succeed So Often?

November 29, 2022

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A dentist in Dublin holding a dental implant

If you didn’t already know, dental implants are very successful at restoring smiles. They work so well, in fact, that their long-term success rate stands at over 95%. That said, perhaps you want to know the reasons behind this staggering success. After all, getting such details would help you learn whether implants are your best option. It’s a good thing, then, that your dentist in Dublin can give you the scoop. Here’s a summary of three essential elements of dental implant success.

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