Dental Bridges – Dublin, OH

Close the Gap for Good

A bridge is a special prosthetic designed fill in the gap in a dental patient's smile. Dental bridges from our Dublin, ON cosmetic dentist at Distinctive Smiles of Dublin features a replacement tooth (known as a pontic) along with a custom-made dental crown on either side of it. The dental crowns are placed over existing teeth to provide the entire prosthetic with stability. Once your finished bridge is finally in place, you can look forward to enjoying better functionality, better appearance, and better health.

Why Choose Distinctive Smiles of Dublin for Dental Bridges?

  • 100% Custom-Made for Each Patient
  • Designed to Look Great & Last
  • Implant Bridges Available

Dental Bridge Process

Animated smile during dental bridge placement

A full procedure with a crown and bridge can be completed in two or three visits. During the first appointment, Dr. Buck will discuss the process with you and plan your custom-made bridge. We’ll also prepare the healthy teeth that will be capped crowns. Temporary crowns will protect them in between your first visit and your return visit. Then, when our lab has finished making your bridge, you’ll come back to our Dublin dental office to have it attached.