October 12, 2014

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The aspect of dental implants that makes them so durable and effective, “osseointegration,” occurs when bone cells attach themselves directly to the titanium surface of the dental implant.  This phenomenon was discovered quite by accident over 50 years ago  by a Swedish surgeon who was conducting research into the healing patterns of bone tissue. He found that, when pure titanium comes in contact with living bone tissue, they form a permanent biological adhesion. Dentists were quick to make use of this phenomenon for dental implantation. Today, this innovation stands at the center of tooth-implant technology that utilizes titanium implants to serve as the rooted foundation for the attachment of prosthetic teeth that feel and look like natural teeth.

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P.S. Dental implants are composed of the titanium implant (which is inserted directly into the bone), the abutment (which connects the implant device to the prosthetic tooth), and  the overlying crown or denture.