Ways to Appreciate Your Teeth This Thanksgiving

November 23, 2022

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A dentist in Dublin wishing you a happy Thanksgiving

Per its name, this Thanksgiving will be a time to give thanks for life’s blessings. As such, many are now remembering to honor their friends, family, and livelihood. Along with those other things, though, consider taking time to appreciate your teeth on Turkey Day. Your pearly whites will be helping you speak and eat over the holiday, after all! As for how to do so, your dentist in Dublin has you covered. Here are four oral health tips for keeping your smile safe and healthy during Thanksgiving.

Keep Some Floss Handy

If you’re like most people, chances are your Thanksgiving will be an all-day eating event. You’ll have many chances to munch on a lot, whether it’s lunch, dinner, or various snacks. Unfortunately, this constant grazing will cause food to get stuck between your teeth. Left unchecked, those bits could make plaque build up on your enamel.

Given such facts, keep some floss handy during your holiday meals. The string will dislodge leftover food and remove lingering bacteria.

Don’t Drink Much Wine

Wine often plays a role in Thanksgiving dinners, but try to go easy on it this year. You see, the drink’ both erodes and stains enamel due to its acidity. Having too much would not only cause cavities, but also ruin your family holiday photos.

To be safe, have water as a beverage instead of alcohol. It isn’t acidic, and it would rinse any food from your mouth.

Fill Up on Protein & Veggies

As tempting as stuffing and mashed potatoes may be, you should fill up on meats and veggies for Thanksgiving. Unlike starchy side dishes, the latter foods improve your oral health.

For example, consider turkey and ham. These items have lean proteins and phosphorus, two nutrients that strengthen your tooth enamel and jaw.

Veggies are also a mouth-healthy must-have. Green beans contain vitamins C and K, which promote bone growth and protect teeth. Meanwhile, sweet potatoes feature vitamins that reduce inflammation and gum infection risk.

Don’t Skip Teeth Cleanings

Many people take it easy over Thanksgiving, as good food and company are very relaxing. Still, that doesn’t justify skipping dental visits. Therefore, prep for your feasting by seeing your dentist in Dublin before the eating starts. A good teeth cleaning will help your smile endure the holiday season!

Ultimately, teeth deserve thanks as much as anything else. That being said, use the tips above during Thanksgiving to give your smile credit it’s due!

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