You Can Now Get Same Day Crowns in Dublin

August 2, 2016

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Why wait? One visit to Distinctive Smiles and you can get same day crowns in Dublin.The low hum of the speakers makes your recliner rumble, and you feel like a lord in a castle. The simple pleasure of going to the movies has never lost its luster for you. Your time may be completely taken up with work and family during the week, but for a few precious hours, it’s all about you. The movie itself is almost secondary to getting away for a few hours, both mentally and physically. It helps you glide into the week refreshed. Another movie day has come and you eagerly check show times. You go to take a drink and the glass hits your front tooth, and the next thing you see is a piece of it tumble into your drink. Your panic is overtaken by disappointment: you’re going to have to spend your precious off time going to the dentist? Then you have to schedule work around the inevitable follow-up visits. Fortunately, Distinctive Smiles now offer same day crowns in Dublin.

The Benefits of Same Day Crowns

Dental crowns used to be a time consuming procedure. The process usually involved 3 steps that played out over the course of a week or more:

  • The dentist takes an impression of your mouth using messy impression materials
  • You wait 1 to 2 weeks while an outside lab constructs your crown, wearing a temporary one during that time.
  • Go back to the dentist’s office to have the crown installed

This simply does not work with many people’s schedules. This process is now relegated to the past thanks to same day crowns. As the name suggests, you can get your high-quality ceramic crown quickly and easily, all while never needing to leave the dentist’s chair. The technology used saves you time and leaves you with a better result.

How Does It Work?

Advances in modern technology make acquiring crowns as seamless as ever. Rather than using a mold, an advanced digital scanner takes an image of your teeth and surrounding oral structures. This image is highly accurate and less invasive than the traditional mold method. The image is then processed by E4D CAD/CAM technology so the crown can be digitally constructed to perfectly fit you. A milling machine will automatically fabricate your crown right in the office, and then Dr. Buck and Dr. Burton scan install it immediately. The whole process start to finish takes around one to two hours, which is ideal for most busy people today. You won’t have to spend a week or more walking around with a temporary crown, hoping it doesn’t fall out. You won’t have to move your schedule around to accommodate multiple appointments. The process is precise, painless, and quick. Come see us Distinctive Smiles and you can walk out with your new dental crown today.