Share the Care-A Referral Story

July 19, 2010

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So some of our patients have been asking about our Share the Care program and want more information.  Our staff and I value each and every one of our patients.  We do not have a large type of practice that herds our patients through as fast as possible.  We take our time to properly diagnose, treat, and provide the best care possible.  In a time when customer care is lacking in our society, we try to do the little things to make your experience the best possible.  Services such as reviewing insurance benefits for you, Tempur-Pedic chairs, wireless headphones, laughing gas, and just a friendly staff with a smile are all benefits that we can provide to make your experience a good one.

So back to the original question about the Share the Care program.  Because we value and enjoy the times we have with our patients, we would like to see new patients just like our existing patients.  So this is a referral program in which we provide incentive for our current patients to send us their friends, family, and collegues.  So there is a monetary incentive; send a friend or family member and we give you each a $50 credit in our office.  There is a food incentive (they say happiness is found through the stomach afterall); you get a complimentary pizza and cheesy bread at Papa Murphy’s for sending in a friend or family member.  And lastly, you have our thanks for trusting us to take care of someone you care about.  So the next time your new neighbor or work friend asks who your dentist is, send them our way and rest assured that we’ll take good care of them.  Or if you’re just hungry for a good pizza, refer them our way.