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Comfortable Treatments with Sedation Dentistry in Dublin, OH

Patients who are apprehensive about visiting the dentist now have a highly effective way of experiencing stress-free dentistry with oral sedation. If you have postponed dental treatments or checkups because of fear or anxiety, talk to Dr. Buck about whether nitrous oxide or oral sedation is right for you.

Who Benefits from Sedation Dentistry?

Ask Dr. Buck about sedation if you:

Levels of Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide

This mild sedative is a gas that patients breathe through a mask during treatment. The effects are felt almost immediately, and they begin to dissipate just as quickly once a procedure is complete. If you choose nitrous oxide, you will be able to drive yourself home from the appointment without impairment.

Oral Sedation

Nervous patients experience a deeper level of relaxation with an oral sedative. You will take the pill about an hour before your procedure. Because oral sedation can last for several hours longer than your appointment, you won’t be able to drive. An adult will need to bring you to and from our office. During the procedure, our team will constantly monitor your comfort, and you will retain the ability to respond to our questions. After oral sedation, patients leave our Dublin dental office with little or no memory of the appointment.

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