Feeling Anxious? Overcoming Dental Anxiety Is Easy with Sedation Dentistry

July 29, 2020

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Woman experiencing anxiety at dental appointment

Your hands are perspiring, beads of sweat are dripping down your forehead, and you are watching the minutes tick away as the moment gets closer and closer. With all these nervous symptoms, you would think you were heading into a job interview or to meet your childhood idol. Unfortunately, this is just a routine bout of anxiety that comes with every dental appointment.

If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone. In fact, 36% of Americans fear going to the dentist and 12% experience an extreme dental phobia. Fortunately, many dentists today offer sedation dentistry to help ease the anxiety of patients who fall into the above statistics. Read on for information from a sedation dentist in Dublin on common causes, methods of sedation, and benefits.

3 Common Causes of Dental Phobia

  • Childhood fears – Whether it is a sound of drills or just seeing a dentist in a white lab coat, there are a multitude of reasons children can develop a fear of dental appointments. If not treated, this fear can continue into adulthood.
  • Traumatic dental experiences – Experiences centered around frightening, embarrassing, or painful moments are rarely forgotten. While the body’s natural reaction is to avoid these situations to prevent them from occurring again, this can lead to a distrust of all dentists.
  • Dental environment – Between the needles, unfamiliar tools, scraping of teeth, and potential criticism from your dentist, the overall dental atmosphere can be enough to prevent patients from going. That is why it is of the utmost importance that you find a dentist who makes you feel comfortable and well taken care of.

2 Popular Types of Sedation Dentistry

Since dental phobia can result in an anxiety-inducing visit, dentists use sedation dentistry to ease their nerves. Depending on the severity of the anxiety, your dentist may recommend:

  • Nitrous Oxide – This is a mild sedative that patients breathe in through a mask during treatment. Fortunately, the effects are nearly instant and quickly wear off once the procedure is complete. This provides patients with the relaxation they need without having someone drive them to and from their appointment!
  • Oral Sedation – For patients with an extreme fear of visiting the dentist, an oral sedative may be used. This method of sedation dentistry requires the patient to take the pill about an hour before the procedure, which will necessitate a responsible adult driving them to and from their visit. Fortunately, this allows patients to get the stress-relief they need with little to no memory of the appointment afterward!

4 Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Whether you experience mild anxiety or uncontrollable fear, sedation dentistry benefits both you and your dentist during your appointment. In addition to providing you comfort during your visit, the benefits also include:

  • The ability to treat patients with sensitive teeth, touchy gag reflexes, fear of needles, and low pain thresholds.
  • Preventing gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental issues from growing due to skipped appointments.
  • Providing patients with multiple treatments in one visit.
  • Allowing patients with disabilities to comfortably get the treatment they need.

If you frequently experience anxiety around your dental appointments, it is important to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. To get the oral care you need without experiencing the fear that normally comes with it, talk to your dentist today about sedation dentistry!

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