Embarrassed by your teeth? Get a smile makeover.

February 18, 2016

smile makeoverWhen you catch a glimpse of your smile, are you completely satisfied with the appearance of your teeth? If the answer is anything less than an enthusiastic YES, it’s time for you to make some smile changes. After all, studies have shown that adults with attractive smiles actually enjoy more success in life!


Eliminate Dental Imperfections with Porcelain Veneers

December 23, 2015

woman with a beautiful smile thanks to porcelain veneers in dublin ohWhen chips, cracks, stains and other imperfections get in the way of your beautiful smile, or when they prevent you from flashing your grin at all, you’ve got a problem. Everyone deserves teeth they feel great about, and we want to do our best to make sure all Dublin neighbors have their best smiles in 2016! To that end, we want to bring you all the information you need as it relates to your dental health. Today, it’s porcelain veneers. Keep reading for more on this transformative cosmetic solution!