Dentist in Dublin Explains Dental Habits in Men Vs. Women

August 30, 2018

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Man and woman back-to-back.Men and women are different. We know this. But did you know the two genders differ in their dental habits? Have you ever wondered who takes better care of their teeth: your son or daughter? Or maybe you’ve always told your husband or wife that you have the best dental habits. Well, now you can be certain about which gender has the better oral health routine thanks to your trusted dentist in Dublin. Keep reading to see if men or women come first place in the race of dental health habits.

Women Visit the Dentist More Than Men

According to the Journal of Periodontology, women are almost twice as likely to have received regular dental checkups in the past year. Additionally, they are much more likely to schedule the recommended treatment or follow up visit for those regular checkups.

Men typically schedule dental checkups only when they must. They may have a dental issue that is causing them discomfort making a visit to the dentist necessary. But men as a whole do not schedule as many regular checkups and follow up visits as women.

Women Brush Their Teeth More Than Men

You may be looking at your husband or wife and thinking, “I already knew that!” On average, women are over 8% more likely to brush their teeth twice a day than men are. Women tend to be more vigilant about their dental routine in general—trying to brush their teeth at the same times each day.

Men on the other hand are more likely to skip brushing. Their routine is typically a little more inconsistent and reliant on how their mouth feels or tastes. On the other hand, women’s routines vary a lot less because they rely on their oral health routine rather than just brushing or flossing when they feel they need to.

Men Experience More Dental Issues

After seeing that women go to the dentist and brush their teeth more than men, it should come as no surprise that men have more dental issues like tartar buildup, gum disease, and bleeding gums. More often than not, symptoms of dental issues can only be identified by a professional. Due to this fact, men experience more dental issues because they do not attend dental checkups as regularly as women.

Dental checkups do exactly as their name may describe: check up on your oral health. If these checkups are being skipped, problems like gum disease, oral cancer, decay, and much more aren’t being detected until patients come in with their problem. Ideally, men should go to their dental checkups regularly to prevent serious issues from developing before it’s too late.

No matter what gender you are, dental health habits are incredibly important. Make sure you are maintaining a proper oral health routine as well as attending regular dental checkups.

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