How to Tell If You Need a Root Canal: 4 Signs

August 22, 2017

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close-up of a womanIt goes without saying that no one wants to get a root canal — but if you need one, it’s the only way to rescue your tooth from extraction. And while tooth replacement has gotten better, there’s no perfect substitution for your natural tooth.

Your dentist in Dublin can help you avoid the need for a root canal with routine preventive care. If it’s been awhile since you came in for a checkup and cleaning, though, you may have serious decay that requires root canal. Dr. Eric Buck and Dr. Hannah Burton provide comfortable root canal therapy at Distinctive Smiles.

Most Common Symptoms of Root Canal

A root canal is necessary when tooth decay has reached beyond the outer layer of tooth enamel to affect its interior, or the pulp (which we commonly refer to as the “nerve”). Once the decay reaches this stage, it’s no longer just a cavity — and you may experience any of the following symptoms as a result.

#1: Pain and Sensitivity

Healthy teeth don’t hurt. If you have an infected tooth, it’s likely to cause you discomfort. Watch out for extreme sensitivity to heat, cold, and pressure. Even a sudden rush of air could cause you to say “ouch” if you need a root canal. The pain will linger even after whatever is causing it has been removed.

However, sometimes teeth are so infected that they are completely dead and won’t cause any pain at all. If that’s the case, you will need to know about the other warning signs that you need a root canal.

#2: Darkening of the Tooth

When the interior of your tooth has been affected by decay, the pulp changes colors with the infection. You may notice your tooth gets darker compared to the teeth around it as the infection worsens. If so, that’s a big sign it’s time to call your dentist to see what’s going on.

#3: Swollen or Tender Gums

While it primarily harms your tooth, your gums will be affected by the infection, too. Look out for swollen, tender, or red gums around the tooth you suspect needs a root canal.

#4: A Bump on the Gums

When the root of your tooth is infected, you will likely develop a lesion or pimple-like bump on the area of the gums where the infection has occurred. Keep a lookout on the area around a painful or darkening tooth to see if you develop a tell-tale spot on the gums.

Aching Tooth? Don’t Hesitate to Call On Us

Root canal therapy in Dublin can rescue your tooth from extraction to help you keep your natural smile intact. If you’ve got an aching tooth or are experiencing any of the other symptoms of root canal that we’ve mentioned above, please don’t wait to seek the treatment that you need! We invite you to contact us or request an appointment today.