Helpful Advice on Flossing from Your Proactive Dublin Dentist

April 11, 2017

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Your Dublin dentist encourages patients to keep flossing. You’ve probably heard from your peers that flossing isn’t the “tooth saver” your dentist has always told you it was. When you heard that you probably experienced a sense of relief from your hovering sense of shame that you’ve held in from your poor flossing habits. Your dentist in Dublin doesn’t want to burst your bubble, but flossing is still important to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Distinctive Smiles of Dublin still encourages every patient to practice daily flossing. In case our sense of urgency isn’t enough, here are five reasons why we support flossing your teeth daily.

1.      Removing food is essential to avoiding tooth decay.

Food gets stuck between your teeth that toothbrushes just can’t clean out. No matter how good you brush your teeth, the spaces between your teeth are very small and intricate. If you don’t floss out the food and debris between your teeth, you could have old rotten food wedged between your teeth, repelling your friends from bad breath. Flossing is actually one of the best ways to eliminate bad breath along with daily brushing and mouthwash.

2.      Your dental behaviors affect the longevity of your life!

There was a study that showed the correlation between dental habits and the longevity of people’s lives.  The Leisure World Cohort Study suggested in detail that flossing has a lot to do with it. After studying 5,611 seniors for a decade they found that patients who did not floss had a 25-29% increased risk of death. Just using a simple tooth pick and mouthwash wasn’t an effective substitute to the wonders of flossing.

3.      Reduce chances of gum disease with daily flossing.

When you floss you shouldn’t experience any bleeding. Even if you bleed a little, that is a sign that your gums are unhealthy. If you practice flossing every day your gums will be used to the habit and continue to stay strong. By leaving dangerous bacteria, plaque, food, and other debris stuck between your teeth you’re significantly increasing your chances of developing gum disease—which is all too easy to get in the first place.

4.      Lower your risk for serious general health problems.

Unhealthy gums are actually something to be really concerned about. Gum inflammation may trigger strokes, diabetes, and gum disease. Did you know that flossing not once, but twice a day, is one of the tips to help you live to age 100? Flossing is estimated to add up to an entire year to your life expectancy among other healthy habits.

5.      There are other tools you can use, but dental floss is the most effective.

Debris that build between your teeth needs to be removed thoroughly. Sometimes, patients view flossing more like a chore so they try to find a tool that makes it easier or more enjoyable. Easier doesn’t always mean effective! To properly remove the nasty pile-up between your teeth you need to get between your teeth. If you’re not using either dental floss or an interdental brush, you’re probably “flossing” ineffectively.

Visit Dentist for Flossing Advice

Distinctive Smiles of Dublin is proud to offer preventive, progressive dental care. Maintaining great oral health doesn’t just come from visiting your dentist semiannually, it also takes effort on your end. By paying attention to this flossing advice and keeping a regular relationship with one of our dentists, your mouth should stay in tip-top shape! Contact our Dublin location to schedule an appointment for a professional cleaning and a hands-on walk-through on how to keep your teeth clean at home.