How Dental Implants Have Evolved to Benefit Your Smile

August 13, 2020

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Did you know that 120 million Americans today are missing at least one tooth? Plus, nearly 40 million U.S. adults are missing all their teeth! However, tooth loss isn’t a problem reserved for today’s generation by any means. In fact, experts believe the first signs of dental implants dates back to 600 A.D.! At the time, materials like seashells, copper pegs, and animal bones were used to restore gaps, but fortunately, technology and dentistry has come a long way since then. Read on for how dental implants in Dublin have evolved to benefit your smile!

An Inside Look at the Evolution of Dental Implants

In ancient times, unsanitary materials and a lack of anesthetics made dental implants an ultimately unsuccessful procedure. However, in the 1950s, dental implants took a significant leap forward when an orthopedic surgeon accidentally discovered that titanium could be used to directly bond with living bone tissue. This breakthrough was significant, but it wasn’t an overnight solution. Over the subsequent decades, dental implants underwent multiple changes before becoming the ones we use today. For example, they were once smooth-surfaced. But they were later changed to a textured one when researchers discovered bones prefer to grow against it. Plus, innovations in technology allow dental implants today to be completely customizable. That way, they can seamlessly match the color, shape, and size of your remaining teeth for a flawless finish!

5 Incredible Benefits of Dental Implants Today

For decades, dental implants have provided patients with the ability to restore their smile, bite, and speech. However, patients today benefit from innovative technology, modern techniques, and a detailed understanding of how to ensure their success. Therefore, the latest dental implants:

  • Hold an impressive 95% success rate.
  • Can last 20+ years.
  • Are stain and cavity-resistant.
  • Stimulate the jawbone to prevent deterioration.
  • Can be easily cleaned with a solid oral hygiene routine.

For patients who are missing one, a few, or an entire arch of teeth, dental implants can be life-changing. Plus, patients today can benefit from safe materials, painless procedures, and long-lasting results! So, if you are interested in restoring your smile, there is no time like the present to talk to your dentist about dental implants!

About the Author

After completing his undergraduate degree from Miami University, Dr. Eric Buck earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. Today, he is a member of multiple notable organizations, including the American Dental Association. Plus, Dr. Buck is also currently a visiting faculty member at Spear Dental Education. If you would like to speak with him about restoring your smile with dental implants, visit his website or give him a call at 614-792-1800.