Family Dentist in Dublin Warns You About Popular Drinks

May 22, 2017

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When’s the last time you visited your family dentist in Dublin?You’ve heard your family dentist in Dublin warn you about how too much sugar can be bad for your smile. You’ve really tried to take his advice. Instead of having candies, you’d select a healthier snack. But, you can’t seem to kick your addiction to sugary drinks like sodas and energy drinks. Our Dental professionals are here to explain the real dysfunctional relationship sugar has with your teeth and what you can do to avoid your oral health from taking an ugly turn for the worst.

Your Teeth and Sugar Don’t Have a Healthy Relationship!

After you eat or drink something especially sweet, do you feel a grimy film covering your teeth? Most people can relate to this dirty feeling. Did your past dentist ever explain in-depth how sugars and acid create one of the most toxic combinations for your teeth? This film is a combination of sugars and dental bacteria forming an acidic mixture of plaque and sticking to the crevices of your smile.

Tooth decay occurs when sugar combines with lingering bacteria in your mouth. This produces toxic acid in your mouth. This acid steadily attacks your teeth along with the acid that’s already in the type of drink you’re enjoying. Even “diet” or “sugar-free” drinks still contain acid that can harm your teeth. If you’re constantly attacking your smile with substantial amounts of sugar and acid, you will weaken your tooth enamel and be susceptible to dental problems like cavities and tooth loss.

Popular Drinks That You Should Avoid

Your Dublin dentist encourages you to eliminate these drinks from your diet altogether for the improvement of your dental health and overall health. If you’re wondering whether you should drink a certain soft drink, refer to this chart to see which drinks are the most dangerous to your teeth.


  • Coca-Cola—In a serving size of 375ml, there are 40g of sugar.
  • Sprite—In serving size of 600ml, there are 61g of sugar.
  • Fanta—In a serving size of 375ml, there are 42g of sugar.

Energy and Sports Drinks

  • Red Bull—In a serving of 250ml, there are 27g of sugar.
  • Gatorade—In a serving of 600ml, there are 36g of sugar.
  • Powerade—In a serving of 600ml, there are 34g of sugar.

Visit Your Dentist to Prevent Tooth Decay

One of the best ways to fight tooth decay is scheduling and keeping your regular dental appointments at our Dublin dental practice, Distinctive Smiles. Our dentists examine your teeth thoroughly for signs of tooth decay, help prevent cavities with dental sealants if needed, and professionally clean your teeth to avoid acidic build-up. When’s the last time you’ve had your smile professionally cleaned and examined? Contact us today to book your next appointment.