Finding the right Dentist in Dublin, Ohio

December 9, 2015

man doing research looking for the best dentist in dublin ohioWhen it comes to choosing a dentist, the first question any patient should ask is, “What dental service, amenity, or doctor qualification matters most to me?” The answer to this question, should guide any search for a dental practitioner.

Starting Your Search for a New Dentist

When beginning a search for a dentist or dental specialist, the number of options can be overwhelming especially for patients new to the area. Compare the search to choosing a new toothpaste. The local pharmacy or grocery store likely has at least one aisle dedicated to various brands, styles, flavors, and colors of toothpaste. Making a selection might be difficult, but if someone chooses the wrong toothpaste, there’s not a significant loss of time or money. Still, before selecting a tube at random, people typically read the box, maybe ask friends or family what type they use, or look for the American Dental Association seal of approval. Surprisingly, people are less likely to do this much leg work before selecting a dental practice. According to a recent survey, people most frequently selected a practice based entirely on convenience factors whether that be location, hours of operation, patient amenities, or other matter of accessibility. Most patients never consider dentist’s qualifications, services offered, practice reviews, or other factors. Before selecting a practice, we recommend patients ask friends, family, or doctors for recommendations, and then, consider the answers to a few important questions before making a final choice.

Questions to Ask About a Dental Practice

  • What are the dentist’s qualifications, and how much experience does he or she have? Beyond having a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine, what advanced training, continuing education, professional organization memberships, and other experience does the dentist have.
  • What services are offered by the practice, and what training does the dentist have to provide these options? If you’re in need of tooth replacement, read reviews or view before and after images of different smile restoration treatments the dentist has performed. Contact the office, and find out how much experience the dentist has with any procedure you think is essential.
  • What are the sanitation procedures at the practice? This may seem like a no brainer, but not all practices are as dedicated to keeping the office clean, safe, and sanitary. Ask about sanitation procedures and protocols.
  • Does the practice accept my insurance? View the insurance or dental office websites to find out whether a practice accepts your insurance. If you’re not sure, call the practice or your insurance provider.
  • What technology is available at the practice? Practices that invest in innovative dental technology that improves the experience patients have at the office shows a dedication to patient comfort and care.
  • What have past patients said about the dental office? Read reviews on the practice website, Google+, yelp, and other review sites to find out what actual patients have to say.

Finally, consider convenience factors such as proximity, hours of operation, patient comforts and amenities, and other accessibility concerns. These things do matter, but they should not be the only criteria considered. Most of all, we encourage patients to ask themselves, “What do I need from the dentist?” Knowing what treatments and amenities are essential for you and your family is the best way to determine what practice will be most compatible with your needs. If you’ve considered all of these questions and still aren’t sure what practice is right for you, contact the dentist to schedule a consultation. Often, a trip to the office is the best way to find the right practice.

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