Giving Thanks!

November 22, 2010

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So the holiday season is upon us and just like you, I can’t believe it came so fast. Seems like yesterday that I was struggling to hit that little white ball down the fairway or in the cup. No clinical dental talk in this posting. I just wanted to write and declare my appreciation and thanks to the wonderful staff and patients that we have here at our office. This practice has given me the opportunity to improve not just my professional career, but the lives of myself and my family.

When I bought this practice almost two years ago (wow, it’s gone so fast), the Drs. Davis and Garvey said that I would really like the staff. With some obvious trepidation, I nodded and went to meet them. From the very first “Hello”, they have treated me with kindness and respect. They are hard workers who really demonstrate their caring for our patients every day. They are creative and knowledgeable with the ability to have an intelligent dental conversation with myself or any of our patients. And without them, my ability to provide dental care would be very difficult.

I really appreciate our patients as well. I realize how hard it is to change healthcare providers especially someone you’ve seen for many years. Since my purchase of the practice, our patients have welcomed me and given me the opportunity to gain their trust. Even when I bear bad news about a diseased tooth, they have listened and trusted my professional opinion. I enjoy coming to the office each day with the possibility of making someone more healthy or even changing their lives with dramatic improvements to their smile.

I feel very blessed to be in the place I am both personally and professionally. I hope you all feel the same way during this holiday season. Enjoy your family and friends and have a great holiday!