The Age Old Question

October 21, 2010

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So we all know that the economy is struggling and most of the time the media has made it sound like the United States is going to implode because of it. Well dental practices are not immune to changes in the economy, both good and bad. So while we see smiles that could be improved dramatically with comprehensive, rehablitative care, we’ve had to get pretty creative with fitting that dentistry into their budgets. With financing, payment plans, and phasing treatment, we still are able to provide those beautiful smiles that we’ve become known for.
But restoring just individual teeth can be a struggle in today’s “new economy”. No matter what the economy does, there will always be broken and diseased teeth. And when preventative dental care is put off, we see more of those types of teeth. So generally, when a tooth hurts, especially from disease/infection, a root canal and crown is necessary to restore form and function. The other option is to take the tooth out. So I get the age old question, “Can’t I just take the tooth out.” Well extraction is always an option, but there are long term considerations. First, if you lose a molar, for example, you lose at least 25% of your function on that side and the remaining teeth have a heavier workload. Second, the teeth around the space both upper and lower will collapse on that opening. These factors can affect your bite leading to joint and muscle problems, not to mention the ability to enjoy your favorite meal. I only ask that you look long term on the situation. There’s nothing better than your natural teeth and my advice is to make every effort to save them.
Here at our office we always give you all of your options and risks/benefits to each including time, finances, and long term prognosis. So the next time you have a tooth your having trouble with, come see us and we’ll discuss those options. And don’t let the media coverage of the economy get you down…cherish your family and friends, focus on the important things, and take good care of yourself.