Oral Health Closely Linked to Overall Well-being, Says Dentist in Dublin

December 30, 2016

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dentist in dublin creates healthy smilesIn 2016, what did you do to improve your overall health? Maybe you tried to eat better, or perhaps you joined a gym. Most people are interested in living healthier, but they often overlook one big thing: taking care of their teeth and gums. As your dentist in Dublin, Dr. Buck and Dr. Burton have seen time and time again the impact tooth decay and gum disease have on systemic health — and it’s not pretty.

This new year, resolve to take care of your teeth and gums. See what a difference it can make.

The Dangerous Side Effects of Gum Disease  

Your gums are the gateway to the rest of your body — and that means they provide the bacteria in your mouth with easy entry into the bloodstream. Keeping your gums clean and disease-free is crucial for general health.

People over the age of 35 are at a greater risk of developing gum disease. In fact, the majority of adults experience the condition to some extent. Preventing and treating gum disease is a big focus for your dentist.

People who have uncontrolled diabetes are also more likely to experience moderate to severe levels of gum disease. But there is good news. The treatment of gum disease has been linked to lower blood glucose levels, and vice versa. So just like poor gum health takes a toll on your overall health, treating periodontal disease can help to undo the damage.

Tooth Loss Takes a Significant Toll, Too

While dental hygiene and access to dentistry have improved over the last few decades, tooth loss remains a significant problem in our country and worldwide. Even a single missing tooth can have a real impact on a person’s quality of life. Speaking, smiling, and eating with an incomplete smile can be stressful — poor nutrition and low self-confidence are likely to occur as a result. And unfortunately, tooth loss causes the jawbone to weaken and degenerate, leading to even more missing teeth later on.

Dental implants are a comprehensive tooth replacement option that stabilize the jawbone for continued oral and overall health.

Other Conditions Affecting Your Systemic Health

From sleep apnea treatment to customized mouthguards, we are pleased to provide a number of services with the whole body in mind.

Take nighttime teeth grinding, for example — it may seem like something that only affects your teeth, but jaw clenching and grinding can lead to migraines and ear and neck pain. Treating bruxism with a custom-fitted mouthguard protects your teeth and reduces chronic pain.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your sleep also has a big impact on your health. Left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to heart attack, high blood pressure, and even premature death. Your general dentist diagnoses sleep apnea, and Dr. Buck and Dr. Burton provide treatment with a removable oral device.

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