5 Facts About Dental Implants You May Not Have Known

March 13, 2021

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Over the past 40 years, the dental implant process has developed by leaps and bounds. As a result, it has gained quite a bit in popularity. Still, there are key details about the procedure that remain a mystery to many. This has, unfortunately, led to some myths about dental implants in Dublin. As you continue reading, a local dentist shares 5 important facts about implants to help dispel any falsehoods.

#1 – Dental Implants are Cavity Proof

A tooth replacement consisting of a titanium dental implant and porcelain restoration isn’t subject to cavity development. However, this shouldn’t be mistaken for a free pass to practice dental negligence, as the surrounding gum tissue is still susceptible to oral bacteria accumulation and infection. Thus, practicing excellent dental hygiene habits is still of the utmost importance.

#2 – Dental Implants Have a 95% Success Rate

Dentists take a careful approach to the dental implant process. Before patients are cleared to proceed with the procedure, they undergo a thorough assessment to make sure there are no signs of an oral health issue or diminished jawbone material.

As a result of the measured steps taken, dental implantation has a 95% success rate. This statistic is also supported by the fact that dentists carefully explain to patients how to properly care for the implant post-surgery. In addition to being able to maintain their implants for up to 30 years, patients typically regain 70% or more of their original chewing power.

#3 – You’ll Need to be Aware of Your Diet

Especially during the first six months to a year after having dental implants placed, patients need to be more mindful of the types of foods they eat. During this period, it’s best to avoid hard nuts and candy and crunchy vegetables and fruits. This will allow the implant to successfully fuse with the existing bone.

#4 – A Dental Implant Will Boost Your Confidence

Living with missing teeth forces many people to hide their true personalities. With the natural looking smile created by dental implant insertion, patients are able to once again smile and speak with confidence. Better yet, the secure placement removes any worries of a restoration slipping or dislodging.

#5 – Dental Implants Offer Long-term Cost Benefits

The initial cost of dental implants is typically higher than that of traditional dentures. However, it’s important to consider the possible longevity of both procedures. While a set of dentures can typically last five to 10 years, dental implants can last from 30 years to a lifetime with proper care and regular dental visits for cleanings and examinations.

To receive additional information about the many benefits of dental implantation and to learn about your eligibility, contact a local dentist to schedule a consultation. This is the first step to restoring your smile and experiencing a rejuvenated life!

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For nearly two decades, Dr. Eric Buck has been offering comprehensive and competent care, which includes placing dental implants. The Ohio State University College of Dentistry graduate manages to provide the highest quality care by taking several hours of continuing education, which includes advanced training from Spear Dental Education. Dr. Buck rebuilds smiles with dental implants at Distinctive Smiles, and he can be reached for more information through his website.