May 26, 2014

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Patients with one or more successive missing teeth can choose between two replacement possibilities other than dental implants. A “bridge” is a permanent dental appliance that consists of a pontic (false tooth) and two crowns that are cemented into place on the abutment teeth (on either side of the space). Unlike removable partial dentures, fixed bridges cannot be taken out of the mouth. Removable partial dentures usually consist of replacement teeth attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases, which are connected by a metal framework. Removable partial dentures attach to the patient’s natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called “precision attachments.” Precision attachments are generally more aesthetic than metal clasps and are nearly invisible.

Tooth loss is often an outcome of injures, dental diseases and old age. There are number of reasons why you may consider replacing your missing teeth. Physical appearance is the most important reason why people may choose to get false teeth alternatives. At DISTINCTIVE SMILES OF DUBLIN, our dental team is trained to take universal precautions to protect our patients. Our goal is to provide the very best dental care possible to our patients so that they may achieve optimal dental health. We’re located at 5142 Blazer Parkway, Dublin, where our entire staff operates as a team. Call 614.792.1800 to schedule your next appointment. Creating Healthy Beautiful Smiles.

P.S. A precision attachment consists of precision-machined, interlocking “male” and “female” components that connect a removable partial denture to fixed bridgework.