Sedation Dentistry in Dublin Erases Fears

October 5, 2016

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Sedation dentistry in Dublin comforts anxious patients. Read about nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation from Dr. Eric Buck and Dr. Hannah Burton.Few people look forward to going to the dentist, but some people actually dread it. In fact, dental phobia afflicts up to 20 percent of Americans. The fear is so bad that many people postpone preventive and restorative care, or worse, stop getting dental treatments altogether. Dentists at Distinctive Smiles of Dublin, Dr. Eric Buck and Dr. Hannah Burton, understand and offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide to calm dental phobia. Patients relax and get the care they deserve.

The Reasons Behind Dental Phobia

When some people think of going to the dentist, they exhibit signs of fear such as sweating, panic attacks, insomnia, crying, uneasiness, stomach aches and more. Why do they react so strongly to such an ordinary part of life?

Common reasons for dental phobia are varied and include:

  • Claustrophobia
  • A sensitive gag reflex
  • Embarrassment over the condition of teeth and gums
  • Fear of pain or loss of control
  • Difficulty sitting still in the dental chair
  • Fear of injections
  • Intrusion into personal space
  • Past bad experiences with doctors or dentists
  • Needing multiple or complex procedures

Additionally, the longer a person delays dental appointments the more opportunity fear has to develop.

How Distinctive Smiles of Dublin Can Help

Dr. Eric Buck and Dr. Hannah Burton and their team understand dental phobia, and they want to help. That’s why they have sedation dentistry options in their Dublin office. In addition to local anesthesia (numbing medication), the dentists offer:

  • Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. This tried and true gaseous sedation is delivered via nasal mask. Fully monitored, nitrous oxide relieves anxiety and even produces a feeling of euphoria and giddiness. The effects of laughing gas wear off quickly and the patient may drive himself or herself home from the dental visit.
  • Oral conscious sedation Taken in pill form just before a dental procedure, such as a root canal, oral conscious sedation is a tranquilizer. Valium, Versed, Ativan and Halcion are familiar choices. The pill induces of feeling of deep relaxation, and many patients nap in the dental chair while the dentist performs the work. Afterwards, the patient is awakened with a gentle shake and may have no memory of the procedure. A friend or loved one must drive the individual home.

Who Can Get Sedation?

Dr. Buck or Dr. Burton help patients decide what sedation option is right for their particular needs. The dental team will take a complete medical history, including current medications. The dentist will perform a comprehensive oral examination and formulate a treatment plan for needed restorations and ongoing preventive care. The doctor will discuss what concerns you about getting dental care done and will present sedation options right for your particular case.

Relax and Get Healthy

You can achieve your best smile and keep it shining and healthy with Dr. Buck and Dr. Burton and their team. Learn how relaxed dentistry can be. Contact Distinctive Smiles of Dublin for a sedation dentistry consultation today.