Sedation Dentistry in Dublin Erases Fears

October 5, 2016

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Sedation dentistry in Dublin comforts anxious patients. Read about nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation from Dr. Eric Buck and Dr. Hannah Burton.Few people look forward to going to the dentist, but some people actually dread it. In fact, dental phobia afflicts up to 20 percent of Americans. The fear is so bad that many people postpone preventive and restorative care, or worse, stop getting dental treatments altogether. Dentists at Distinctive Smiles of Dublin, Dr. Eric Buck and Dr. Hannah Burton, understand and offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide to calm dental phobia. Patients relax and get the care they deserve.



January 18, 2015

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Toothbrushes eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Numerous studies show that, after three months of normal wear and tear, the nylon bristles in toothbrushes are a good deal less effective at removing plaque from tooth surfaces and gums than new ones. To be effective, bristles must be able to make their way into the crevices that harbor the bacteria that are constantly forming to pose a threat to tooth enamel and gums. In addition to replacing toothbrushes, it is also important to allow them to air dry after use since wet bristles are breeding grounds for unhealthy bacteria and fungi. Be sure to replace toothbrushes after a bout with a common cold to reduce the risk of reinfection.


January 6, 2015

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In the event that tooth decay penetrates the tooth’s crown and pierces the root chamber, the root becomes infected with all the attendant pain. At this point, the patient has the choice of having the tooth extracted or undergoing “root canal treatment.” Extraction is a quick fix that poses two drawbacks. The first is that the gap left behind must be filled. The second is that, when teeth are extracted, the supporting bone under the gum shrinks. Thus, as a general rule, it is best to keep the roots of natural teeth as long as possible. A tooth with an infected root can usually be saved with root canal treatment, after which an artificial crown can be set in place.


December 21, 2014

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When the gap left by missing teeth is bordered by healthy teeth, a “partial denture” provides an affordable solution. This type of prosthetic usually consists of replacement teeth attached to gum-colored plastic bases, which connect to surrounding teeth with either metal clasps or devices known as “precision attachments.” These are generally more esthetic than metal clasps and are nearly invisible. As is the case with complete dentures, partial dentures are removable. Patients receive thorough instruction on how partial dentures should be inserted and removed. They should fit easily into place and never be forced. Over time, it may be necessary to adjust the fit of partial dentures, which can be accomplished during a regular office visit.

The importance of an attractive smile should not be underestimated. Everyone deserves to look beautiful. Your personal satisfaction with your oral health and appearance is important. At DISTINCTIVE SMILES OF DUBLIN, we are a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals – and we’re here to help you make the most of your smile. Please call 614.792.1800 to schedule an appointment. We’re located at 5142 Blazer Parkway, Dublin, where we are proud of our staff – a staff dedicated to helping you look and feel better. Creating Healthy Beautiful Smiles.

P.S. It is important to clean dentures daily since they are susceptible to becoming coated with plaque, which poses a threat to gums and remaining natural teeth.


December 7, 2014

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November 23, 2014

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If you experience tooth sensitivity and/or eat a lot of sugar and simple carbohydrates, you may want to consider using tooth products that help reduce (or even reverse) early decay by virtue of a process called “remineralization.” This involves delivering extra doses of calcium and phosphate to replace minerals lost in the ongoing battle against bacteria and acids. To maintain the mineral building blocks that are essential to tooth strength, saliva containing calcium and phosphate helps replenish minerals dissolved by acidic plaque or food. This balance may be upset when more minerals are lost than gained and teeth become vulnerable to decay. While fluoride greatly helps saliva’s natural remineralization, toothpastes that deliver calcium phosphate may speed up the process.

If you have questions about tooth sensitivity, or any other dental concerns, we invite you to call 614.792.1800. At DISTINCTIVE SMILES OF DUBLIN, we provide quality, personal dental care in a comfortable, immaculate and professional environment at 5142 Blazer Parkway, Dublin. From preventive and routine care to elective cosmetic procedures, our staff will make you feel comfortable during your visit. Our emphasis is on prevention. Preventing dental disease is less costly and more rewarding than correcting problems after they occur. Let us help you bring out that natural smile. Creating Healthy Beautiful Smiles.

P.S. The remineralizing properties of new toothpastes could be of great benefit to adults suffering from dry mouth.


November 9, 2014

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While dental amalgam  has proven itself to be an effective and relatively inexpensive material for filling cavities caused by tooth decay over the past 150 years, it is not the most pleasing aesthetic choice. Amalgam’s silver color stands in stark contrast to natural tooth color when placed in visible tooth surfaces. For this reason, patients are likely to prefer composite-resin tooth-colored fillings, which can so closely approximate their natural tooth color as to be virtually unnoticeable. Composite resins may be somewhat less durable than amalgam fillings, and they may cost more, but patients’ concerns over cosmetics have made them an increasingly popular choice. As far as dentists are concerned, the best filling is no dental filling. Prevention is preferred.

As mentioned in today’s column, the use of amalgam is declining. There is an abundance of innovative technologies and devices available to continually help us improve the quality and comfort of care we deliver. At DISTINCTIVE SMILES OF DUBLIN, we stress preventive dentistry for the entire family. Be sure to regularly brush, floss, and have professional cleanings. When was the last time you had a dental checkup? Please call 614.792.1800 to schedule an appointment. Smiles are our business. We’re located at 5142 Blazer Parkway, Dublin. Creating Healthy Beautiful Smiles.

P.S. Composite resin material, which is composed of a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture, can be used to reshape disfigured teeth.


October 12, 2014

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The aspect of dental implants that makes them so durable and effective, “osseointegration,” occurs when bone cells attach themselves directly to the titanium surface of the dental implant.  This phenomenon was discovered quite by accident over 50 years ago  by a Swedish surgeon who was conducting research into the healing patterns of bone tissue. He found that, when pure titanium comes in contact with living bone tissue, they form a permanent biological adhesion. Dentists were quick to make use of this phenomenon for dental implantation. Today, this innovation stands at the center of tooth-implant technology that utilizes titanium implants to serve as the rooted foundation for the attachment of prosthetic teeth that feel and look like natural teeth.

It’s obvious that our smile, or more specific our teeth, are important to us in many ways. New advances in cosmetic dentistry, such as implants, have everyone smiling. Let us help you increase your sense of self-esteem. For complete dental care, come see us at DISTINCTIVE SMILES OF DUBLIN, located at 5142 Blazer Parkway, Dublin. Let us help you make the most of your smile. As your dental professionals we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality dental care, in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Call 614.792.1800 to schedule an appointment. Creating Healthy Beautiful Smiles.

P.S. Dental implants are composed of the titanium implant (which is inserted directly into the bone), the abutment (which connects the implant device to the prosthetic tooth), and  the overlying crown or denture.


September 28, 2014

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If you think that smokeless tobacco is a healthier alternative to cigarettes, you should know that “snuff dippers” consume (on average) ten times the amount of cancer-causing substances (nitrosamines) that cigarette smokers do. While cigarette smokers are six times more likely than non-smokers to develop oral cancers, users of smokeless tobacco products are 50 times more likely to develop cancers of the cheek, gums, and lining of the lips. Moreover, smokeless tobacco users absorb nicotine at 2-3 times the rate that cigarette smokers do. When you put just these two facts together, you get a lethal combination. The 5- and 10-year survival rates for patients with all stages of oral cavity and pharynx cancers are 56% and 41%, respectively.

Smokeless tobacco is not safer to use than smoking cigarettes. Let us help you. The treatment we provide is warm and personal. At DISTINCTIVE SMILES OF DUBLIN, we can provide you and your family with complete general dental services, from a professional cleaning (preventative) to full mouth reconstruction (repair), periodontal treatments, and cosmetic dentistry. We’re located at 5142 Blazer Parkway, Dublin, where we believe in the importance of regular professional dental health care. Call 614.792.1800 to schedule an appointment. Creating Healthy Beautiful Smiles.

P.S. Babe Ruth, who was one of a large number of baseball players who liked to “dip” smokeless tobacco, died at age 52 of an oropharyngeal tumor, a cancerous tumor in the back part of the throat.



September 16, 2014

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A “gummy smile” (excessive gingival display) exposes too much gum tissue when a person smiles. Due to factors that include undersized teeth, overgrown gum tissue, an overactive elevation muscle of the upper lip, or an upper lip that joins too closely to the gum tissue, the ratio of lips, gums, and teeth is out of balance. While Botox injections may be used to treat an over-developed elevation muscle, the surgical procedure known as “myotomy” offers more permanent results. When the joint between the upper lip and the gums inside the mouth is over-developed, surgically decreasing the space between the upper lip and gum tissue reduces gum exposure. Lastly, overgrown gums can be corrected with “laser gingivectomy.”

To have an attractive smile, one needs beautiful teeth as well as pleasant-looking gums. A gummy smile does not have to ruin your smile; the right treatments can restore your smile confidence. At DISTINCTIVE SMILES OF DUBLIN, we provide dentistry utilizing modern and up-to-date procedures. We invite you to call us at 614.792.1800. When was the last time you had a professional dental checkup? We’re located at 5142 Blazer Parkway, Dublin, where we stress preventive health care – and we believe good dental health requires constant attention. Creating Healthy Beautiful Smiles.

P.S. Laser gingivectomy removes excess gum tissue and seals blood vessels so that no stitches are required.

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