Fluoride and the Adult Patient

June 15, 2010

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by Christine 14. April 2010 01:59

At our office, we emphasize the optimal health of our patients and stay apprised of the latest research and development available in the world of dentistry.  We’ve always known that fluoride is beneficial for children and their developing adult teeth.  Adults can benefit from fluoride as well.  You’ll notice that our practice is putting an emphasis on adult fluoride because of the many preventative benefits. 

Fluoride is a naturally occuring mineral found in many foods and water.  Our pediatric patients absorb fluoride systemically, either in food, water and /or fluoride supplements.  After the age of 12 we no longer absorb fluoride systemically.  The only way to get the benefits of fluoride is with a topical application directly to the teeth.  Fluoride rinses and toothpaste with fluoride contain lower levels of fluoride and are used daily to help prevent cavities.  Stronger forms of fluoride such as varnishes , gels, or foams can be applied by Lynn or myself in our office.  Fluoride has many benefits, including protecting the teeth from decay, decreasing tooth sensitivity, strengthening root surfaces that have been exposed due to recession, reducing the effects of plaque and bacteria, and hindering/reversing the growth of developing cavities.  Patients suffering from conditions such as dry mouth, radiation treatments to the head and neck, or periodontal disease can also benefit from fluoride treatments. 

     We are recommending a fluoride varnish once a year as part of a preventative maintenance program for a healthy mouth.  This application takes only minutes, has no flavor, and can be completed at your next recare appointment.  Lynn or myself can discuss whether fluoride would be a good addition to your dental treatment.