June 8, 2014

Filed under: Practice — Dr. Buck @ 9:34 pm

While most people find it simple and easy enough to brush their teeth at least twice a day, some lack either the dexterity or discipline needed to floss daily. This is understandable considering the fact that it takes some time and effort to correctly loop the ends of the floss around the fingers and guide it gingerly between teeth. While there are some flossing products available that help with the process, not everyone gets the hang of them. If so, it should be pointed out that there are small, easy-to-use, pointed brushes known as “interdental brushes” that are nearly as effective as flossing. They not only remove bacterial buildup (plaque) between teeth, they also stimulate gums.

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P.S. Interdental brushes not only lend themselves to cleaning hard-to-reach areas, but they also reach concavities on tooth surfaces that floss may not be able to reach.