June 30, 2014

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According to recent research published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, one in eight adults suffers from a condition known as “sensitive teeth.” The pain associated with this condition is often triggered by eating or drinking cold, hot, acidic, or sweet foods or beverages. While overzealous brushing or tooth-whitening products may cause sensitive teeth, the primary culprit is gum recession. As the gum tissue recedes with age, pores (or tubules) on the surface of the tooth root become increasingly exposed. Because these tubules travel to the nerve of the tooth, the nerve becomes more susceptible to painful triggers. Gentle brushing, avoidance of home tooth-whiteners, and use of toothpastes created for sensitive teeth can help alleviate pain.

Sensitive teeth rarely represent a medical emergency. Nevertheless, sensitivity can also be associated with tooth decay and can additionally be related to traumatic damage to the tooth, which can become infected if left untreated. At DISTINCTIVE SMILES OF DUBLIN, we welcome the entire family for quality dental treatment. The comfort of our patients is very important to us, which is why we strive to offer the best in dental care. When was the last time you had a comprehensive dental examination? We make every effort to see you promptly and listen to your concerns and needs. We will let you know about new procedures and technologies, and what they can do for you. Please call 614.792.1800 to schedule an appointment. We’re located at 5142 Blazer Parkway, Dublin. Creating Healthy Beautiful Smiles.

P.S. If you have sensitive teeth, avoid acidic drinks or rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking them, and avoid brushing your teeth right after eating or drinking; wait 10-15 minutes.