Transitioning From Dentures to Dental Implants

November 17, 2020

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dentist explaining dental implants to patient

Dentures have made it possible for millions of people to have restored smiles and functionality. However, they do have a number of drawbacks such as frequent slipping, adhesive usage, and having to remove them for cleaning every day. Over the years, technology in the field of restorative dentistry has brought about a new and improved option in the form of dental implants, and many people have chosen to make the switch. If you’re considering transitioning from dentures to dental implants in Dublin, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the process.

What to Expect When Transitioning From Dentures to Dental Implants

It’s a big step to transition from dentures to dental implants, and it’s one that many people are taking. Before you decide to make the move, here’s what you can expect:

Your Oral Health and Quality of Life Will Be Improved

Transitioning from dentures to dental implants really will change your life. Along with a more confident smile, dental implants come with several other benefits:

  • You won’t have to deal with the annoying clacking, slipping, or displacement that often comes with dentures.
  • Food will not become lodged around dental implants like it can in dentures, meaning you’ll be free from sore or raw gums.
  • Options abound when it comes to eating food with dental implants, so you can finally enjoy the things you’ve had to avoid for so long.
  • You can kiss adhesive and constant cleaning good-bye! Dental implants allow you to sport a clean smile by simply brushing them in the same way you would your natural teeth.

Not only are dental implants easier to care for, but they make life more enjoyable for you!

A Bone Graft Might Be Necessary

Unlike dentures, dental implants cannot be removed, and this means they must be fused to your jawbone. If you have been wearing dentures for a long time, there is a chance your jawbone has shrunk in size due to your natural teeth being absent. If this is the case, your dentist may need to add bone to the existing bone for the procedure to be successful. Recovery time may be a few months longer, but you’ll find that the benefit of a healthier and stronger jaw is worth it!

You’ll Most Likely Have to Say Goodbye to Your Dentures for Good

This might sound great to you personally, but you also may be like many others who have wondered whether your old dentures can be utilized in the creation of the implants. While this is a common question, the answer is typically “no,” because the material that most dentures are made of is not nearly as strong as that of dental implants. Your dentist can assess your specific situation and let you know what options you have.

Having strong teeth also helps to improve your mouth’s functionality, which has the power to enhance your overall quality of life. If you’re ready to transform your smile, talk to your dentist about making the switch from dentures to dental implants.

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