Same Day Crowns in Dublin, OH

May 6, 2016

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same day crownsCould your life be any busier? Maybe you’d rather not answer that question. Between work, family, shopping, cooking, laundry, kids’ activities, meetings and more, there doesn’t seem to a spare minute. And now you find out that you have a tooth that needs a dental crown! How is that supposed to fit into your schedule? No worries. Dublin, OH, dentist Dr. Eric Buck provides same day crowns with the E4D system.


Chipped Tooth Repair Options

December 1, 2015

Smile with a chipped toothIt’s a warm summer day, and you’re sitting on the front porch with a cool glass of ice water. A piece of ice flows into your mouth, and you decide to enjoy the cold. After letting the ice melt in your mouth for a bit, you take a bite, and pain shoots through your mouth. You spit out the ice, and with it, a shiny piece of tooth enamel. A relaxing summer day just turned into a trip to the dentist. Everyday people chip teeth for numerous reasons including biting into hard objects like ice, using teeth as tools to open packages or crack nuts, leaving bruxism (tooth grinding and clenching) untreated, and uneven pressure caused by a misaligned bite. The good news, is that these things can typically be avoided, and Distinctive Smiles of Dublin can repair chipped teeth, when these situations do arise.